01.08.2019, 10:00 | Bringing out the Gameniac in you!

Stop playing solo and join a virtual world with thousands of other players and play one of our many online multiplayer games and earn money as you win!


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Stop playing solo and join a virtual world with thousands of other players and play one of our many online multiplayer games and earn money as you win!

Our multiplayer games are aimed to connect you with other players around the world. We offer a wide selection of multiplayer challenges all of which are fun to play and based upon live action. Our platform API helps you finding a partner with whom to play with our API placing you in a virtual world with tons of opponents!

We have various popular games like Ludo, Chess, Backgammon, Ice hockey, Soccer, Chinese Checkers, etc. based entirely on virtual environments. Get started by registering, choosing your avatar, honing your skills and competing with others around the world.

* Already growing up 5236 Games Playing

VERSESS Coin is providing you more than just a cryptocurrency.

May the winner take it all! Place your stakes before every game and when you WIN, all those belong to you. Use the winnings for further game play or simply trade in exchanges with the crypto of your choice.

We bring challenges for all you adults with a child in you! Enjoy engaging graphics and lighthearted style of the games of your childhood. Use your keyboard or mouse to control your character, making moves or simply taking action.


Versess is more than a just a cryptocurrency

VERSESS is the new kid in the blockchain industry in multi player digital games. We develop, publish and distribute highly engaging multi player games to an audience of thousands of active users, across mobile and online platform.

We have successfully growing a huge organic global players pool across six continents, so no matter where you are located, you can simply join in and compete with others. VERSESS has a unique understanding of the digital games space and offers a strong portfolio of over 25 high-quality popular games with a catalogue of hundreds of online games.

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  • Ludo
  • Chess
  • Backgammon
  • Ice Hockey
  • Mortal Combat
  • Checkers
  • Monopoly
  • Scrabbles
  • Mahjong
  • Carrom
  • Chinese Checkers
  • Reversi
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Snakes and ladders
  • UNO
  • Cart Race
  • Racing Games
  • And many more……

Versus Coin Specs

100% MN coin built on Quark & PIVX, VERSESS means stability, security, speed and privacy.

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Versus Roadmap

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Profitable Versess Platform

The Versess platform is controlled by VERSESS coin. All stakes and wins will be in Versess coin which is easily exchangeable with the top trending currencies in the cryptomarket.

Trade from exchanges

Currently available in Cryptobridge, Versess will be soon available in other exchanges for direct trade pairing with Bitcoin.

Win it

Participate in tournaments & competitions and win the giveaway to grow your Versess reserve.

Grow your own coins

Setup your own Masternode and utilize your returns in the platform for gaming & competing.

Tournaments & Competitions

Versess is all about competitions and tournaments

Competition #1

• Show off your skills and win big. Join teams and compete against other teams in daily, weekly or monthly tournaments

Competition #2

• Do not like people? Go solo and enjoy playing games against the bot. Beat levels and win prizes

Competition #3

• Challenge friends in competitions and win coins as you beat them all

Competition #4

• Be the winning team and participate in bumper jackpot tournaments with higher stakes and payouts

Competition #5

• Host and challenge others like a pro and show your skills as you win like an Ace

Versus Coin Distribution

VERSESS is a 100% MN reward coin therefore staking of this coin is not possible in your wallet. With 0 Staking reward & low premine, VERSESS is inflation controlled low availability high demand coin.

Reward Table

Phase Blocks Block Reward Masternode Reward Staking Reward
1 1-200 600 100% -
2 201-5000 0.25 100% -
3 5001-20000 0.5 100% -
4 20001-70000 0.6 100% -
5 70000-100000 0.7 100% -
6 100001-160000 0.58 100% -
7 160001-250000 0.5 100% -
8 250001-300000 0.4 100% -
9 300001-400000 0.35 100% -
10 400001-700000 0.2 100% -
11 700001-296955000 0.1 100% -

Versess is enabled with privacy feature that enables to send anonymous transactions to wallets. Meaning as a user you can choose a traceable or anonymous transaction. Versess is built on PIVX which enables creating a new address everytime you transact. Versess can be spent publicly or privately. Thus by merging any transaction together and splitting them up later makes it difficult to trace transactions from specific wallet address to another.


Completely encrypted transactions makes Versess coin highly secured and safe. Quark and PIVX algorithm makes it difficult to intercept or hack any transactions as its completely private and enabled with dynamic sending & receiving address.

Fast transactions

Versess transactions are enabled with instasend like PIVX. This means any person receiving coins from someone will be able to see the credited transaction from the sender almost immediately as the coin are sent. This makes Versess an excellent and quick mode of payment. Its fast speed allows numerous transactions to be sent without having the worry to wait for the funds to be credited.